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Author: David A. Cheslow, PhD. (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: March 22, 2007 9:07 AM
Version: 0.5 Alpha, it works
Views: 14,986
Downloads: 0
License: Apache License, Version 2


Lots of folks have built scaffolding tools - I've built about a dozen over the years in every language from BASICA to LISP. The troubles I've found using them are that they tend to be difficult to customize, require too much fiddling, use some arcane syntax, produce code that is either too simplistic, too convoluted, or even hidden. Most importantly, they never seem to produce code that does things "my way."

Re-Action is a ColdFusion code generator that produces code which is readable and modifiable yet completely usable without any coding. It writes code for Listing, Editing and Commiting records; it can be easily(?) modified to produce other code.

I use it to generate scaffold for the Reactor ORM, but it should be trivial to support other ORMs. I am testing it in a Model-Glue framework but it should work in Fusebox or even stand-alone. It generates code that works "my way" but can be straightforwardly modified to generate any sort of code that you like.

I am "releasing it into the wild" for three reasons: 1) I'd like to get my name out there and generate some interesting (paying) projects to work on; 2) I think that other's might find it educational or even useful; and, 3) I want to get ideas from others on how to improve it - I love learning new techniques.


ColdFusion, Reactor, Model-Glue

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